The Digital Switch

The Digital Switch: What It Means for Lift Owners and How to Prepare

The digital switch, also known as the PSTN and ISDN switch-off, refers to the ongoing changes to the UK telecoms network, in which fibre lines are being rolled out across the country to replace copper lines.

The switch is happening because our current network is old and difficult to maintain. It is an essentially 20th century technology and increasingly out of sync with the demands of 21st century communications. This means that analogue (PSTN and ISDN) telephone services will be replaced with fibre optic lines. While this is great news for internet speed, the digital switch will have a huge impact on key safety devices that will no longer be supported, including lift emergency phones.

What are the Implications for Lift Owners?

The vast majority of the lift emergency telephones installed in the UK are based on copper lines and rely on the 48 V of power transmitted through these even during a power cut. However, once these lines are transitioned into fibre, they will no longer be able to carry any power, which means that if a power failure occurs, the telephone line will fail and leave the emergency telephone useless.

Lift regulations require that a resilient 2-way emergency phone line is provided to the lift, and this responsibility falls with the lift owner. As the digital switch continues to move forward throughout the UK, existing phone lines are becoming non-resilient and cannot be used during a power cut, which is one of the most likely moments when a lift entrapment could occur.

Alternative Solutions for Lift Owners

To ensure compliance with lift regulations and maintain the safety of passengers, lift owners must upgrade their systems to those that use GSMs. The cheapest, quickest, and most reliable solution is to fit a GSM Gateway that simulates and replaces the now-obsolete analogue line. These gateways use a standard SIM card and negate the need for a hard-wired phone line.

GSM lift emergency phone systems are an ideal solution for lift owners who are affected by the digital switch. Not only are they reliable, but they are also cost-effective and quick to install. They allow you to retain your existing autodial unit and are compatible with existing auto-diallers. GSM gateways have battery backups to continue working during power cuts, and they remove the hassle of having a fixed-line, such as arranging joint visits with telecoms engineers.

How can Forge Lifts Help?

We understand that the digital switch can be a worrying time for lift owners.

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