Embracing a Greener Tomorrow: Forge Lifts is Officially Carbon Neutral

We're Proudly Carbon Neutral!

Forge Lifts Repair Services are elated to announce that we are now officially certified as a Carbon Neutral company with Carbon Neutral Britain™! This has been a goal close to our hearts, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future.

For those unfamiliar with Carbon Neutral Britain™, it is a pioneering initiative in the UK, championing the cause of addressing climate change through comprehensive carbon offsetting programs. Their vision and dedication have already made a significant impact, with projects offsetting over 500,000 Tonnes of CO₂e and planting over 3 million trees. We are proud to align ourselves with such an impactful organization.

Joining forces with an entity that not only addresses carbon offsetting but also focuses on education and supporting forest habitats makes this moment even more special.

Thank you to our dedicated team, our clients, and partners for supporting us on this journey. This certification is a testament to our collective efforts, and we are excited about the road ahead.

Let’s continue making strides for a greener and more sustainable future together!

Carbon Neutral Certification - Forge Lifts Ltd

Our Projects

South West Australia Reforestation - Australia

Reforestation on Degraded Land - Uruguay

Energy Efficient Lighting – India

Biodiversity & Mixed Reforestation – Costa Rica

Our Future Commitments

At Forge Lifts, our journey to carbon neutrality is not a destination but a stepping stone. While we are immensely proud of our recent certification with Carbon Neutral Britain™, we recognise that our responsibility does not end here. Sustainability is an ongoing process, deeply interwoven with our core values and corporate vision. We are dedicated to continually reassessing, recalibrating, and reinforcing our commitment to a planet that thrives

Our Upcoming Initiatives and Goals:


1. Renewable Energy Transition: Over the next five years, we aim to transition 50% of our operational energy needs to renewable sources, leveraging solar, wind, and other green technologies to power our facilities.


2. Green Education & Training: Recognising that our strength lies in our people, we are instituting regular training sessions for our team. These sessions will empower them with the knowledge and tools to make environmentally conscious decisions in their daily operations.


3. Waste Reduction: By 2025, we target a 30% reduction in waste from our operations. This includes optimising our supply chains, promoting recycling, and finding innovative solutions to minimize material usage.


4. Partnering with Eco-friendly Suppliers: We're currently reviewing our supply chain and aim to collaborate with partners who prioritise eco-friendly practices. By 2024, we commit to having 60% of our suppliers meet specific sustainability criteria.


5. Community Engagement: Beyond our operational borders, we will engage with our local community, launching initiatives that promote environmental awareness and collective action. This includes tree-planting events, community clean-up drives, and educational workshops.


6. Continuous Carbon Offset: While we celebrate our carbon-neutral status, we will continue investing in carbon offset projects. Every year, we will offset an additional 10% above our calculated carbon footprint to ensure we remain proactive in our fight against climate change.

To our clients, partners, and the broader community, we pledge transparency in our endeavors. We'll provide regular updates on our progress, challenges, and successes. Together, let's envision and work towards a brighter, sustainable future for all