Lift Maintenance

Reliable lifts start and end with quality preventative maintenance.

We're committed to ensuring access to equitable, reliable, and consistent lift maintenance services.

As a stand-alone service company, we distinguish ourselves by not forcing our clients into costly, lifelong maintenance agreements, unlike many competitors. Our approach allows us to present you with a customisable support plan that aligns with your financial capabilities and operational requirements, offering flexibility and tailored solutions.

A photo of a Forge Lifts' engineer signing a log card after a lift maintenance.

The Importance of Lift Maintenance

What does Forge Lifts' maintenance look like?

Booking the Maintenance

If you're purchasing a one time maintenance you simply need to contact our office at and let us know your preferred time and date for the engineer to visit. This can be during or after work hours.

If you've taken a preventative maintenance contract out with us, you can set the attendance to be the same time and day each month, or have a more casual attendance that suits your requirements.

Engineer's Attendance.

When our engineer begins their journey to your location they will provide a real-time ETA and an additional alert when they are 20 minutes away from site.

On arrival they will be wearing Forge Lifts' company uniform, and will have a Forge Lifts' company ID card for your viewing. They will ask you about your lift and any issues or concerns you have that they can address whilst on-site.

During the maintenance visit they will confirm that the lift is safe to operate by inspecting key components of your lift equipment. Once the safety has been confirmed they will examine the lift equipment and identify wearing components that are likely to contribute to problems in the future. Towards the end of their visit they will ensure that all components are clean, lubricated, and functional. Once over, they will sign the on-site log card to make record of their attendance.

Maintenance Sheets

At the end of each maintenance a digital attendance sheet will be sent to you. This sheet will outline key information gathered from the maintenance visit.

The lift maintenance report has a key ("Serviceable", "Worn but serviceable", "Should be renewed", "Critical", "Not applicable".) that is added to each service item.

There is a section on the report called "Observations". This allows the engineer to detail information on observations, the action they have taken, parts required, or general recommendations for future action.

Any photos that have been taken will be sent on a separate page attached to the maintenance file. An example of this can be seen below.

An image showing attached photos that have been taken during a maintenance visit.
This is an image of the Forge Lifts' maintenance sheet. This is given to the client after a maintenance visit.

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